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Who we are

Family owned and operated since 2002

As a private family-run firm, we answer to our clients, not shareholders. Defender Capital, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor, manages investment accounts – retirement accounts, non-retirement accounts, trusts, corporate accounts, donor-advised funds, etc. – for individuals, families, and corporations. We take a research driven, long-term approach, investing in U.S. equities. We keep skin in the game by investing in the same holdings as our clients. We offer fair and transparent fees. We focus on delivering after-tax returns.

We take a research-driven, long-term approach, investing in U.S. Equities.

Skin in the Game
Fair and Transparent
After Tax Returns
Defender Capital

Board of Advisors

Chief Executive Officer
Omnicom Group/DAS
Former Chairman & CEO
FMI Corporation
Managing partner
Retired, managing partner
Coudert Brothers
Extraordinary Women on Boards
Graham Enterprises
Operating Executive
Southern Elevator Group, Inc.
Retired Vice Chairman
Archer Daniels Midland
Co-Founder, Senior Managing Partner
MyNext Season
Managing Partner
Crosland Southeast
Co-Owner, Director and Chairman of the Board
McDonald York Building Company
Owner & Entrepreneur
Ella B. Candles

At Defender Capital, giving is a way of life and we hope to make a difference during our lifetime.

Defender Capital

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