Defender Capital


Hedge Fund

Defender Capital Partners, “DCP”, is a U.S. long-short fund of funds established in 2013. Each manager is a bottom-up investor, who favors founder-led, global growth companies. With each fund manager focusing on their best ideas, we believe diversification is intelligently achieved.

Investment Accounts

Defender Capital manages investment accounts – retirement accounts, non-retirement accounts, trusts, corporate accounts, donor advised funds, etc. – for individuals and corporations.

Family Founded In 2002.

We appreciate you taking the time to be here. Far too many investors are underserved. If you are an investor in the public markets and entrust others with that responsibility, we would be grateful for the conversation and believe the time would be valuable. When you’re ready, we’re here.


  • Defender Capital, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor, manages a hedge fund and investment accounts (trusts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, etc)
  • We take a research-driven, long-term approach, investing in U.S. equities
  • We keep skin in the game by investing in the same holdings as our clients
  • We offer fair and transparent fees
  • We focus on delivering after-tax returns
Investment Management Philosophy
  • U.S. core all cap equity adhering to a disciplined, research-driven investment process that results in low portfolio turnover and tax efficiency
  • An in-depth understanding of the business and their philosophy on capital allocation – use of dividends, stock buybacks, acquisitions, debt service and internal investment
  • The value of a business is determined by the present value of the cash it generates over its lifetime, not based on next quarter’s earnings, which allows long-term decisions with long-term capital
  • Risk is defined at the company level, not the market level
  • Time is spent researching individual companies and specialized outside managers
  • We believe that while the price you pay for a great business is important, it is far more important to buy the “right” business
Defender Capital

Board of Advisors

Chief Executive Officer
Omnicom Group/DAS
Former Chairman & CEO
FMI Corporation
Managing partner
Retired, managing partner
Coudert Brothers
Extraordinary Women on Boards
Graham Enterprises
Operating Executive
Southern Elevator Group, Inc.
Retired Vice Chairman
Archer Daniels Midland
Co-Founder, Senior Managing Partner
MyNext Season
Managing Partner
Crosland Southeast
Co-Owner, Director and Chairman of the Board
McDonald York Building Company
Owner & Entrepreneur
Ella B. Candles
Defender Capital

Portfolio Company Attributes

Strong Business

Inherent business advantages created by barriers to competition (technology, IP, brands, regulations, culture, etc

Reasonable Valuations/
Asymmetric Risk-Reward

Determining “value” depends on the specific business; we seek opportunities with downside protection and substantial upside

Strong Customer
Value Proposition

Leads to recurring revenues and ancillary benefits that compound over time; how a company treats customers when providing a product/service matters

High Levels of
Board Ownership

Aligns incentives with that of the long-term shareholder; allows a longer investing horizon for capital allocation rather than seeking to meet quarterly numbers

Scalable Business

Ability to add customers at high margins with little incremental costs coupled with large total addressable markets (TAM) provide attractive opportunities for companies with the ability to scale
Defender Capital

when you are ready, we are here.